Incognito Thoughts

I am currently reading a book called “Incognito” by David Eagleman. The book was written in an attempt to give us a better look in to the human brain. I am only in chapter one and am already finding myself thinking in circles, or am I simply just realizing something my subconscious brain had been working on for years? Let me explain my thoughts.

I’ve come across a section that discusses the polymath, Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz (inventor of calculus, the binary system, several new schools of philosophy, an equation for kinetic energy, and that’s just scratching the surface), and I find myself already having to put down the book as I fight with emerging realizations in my head.

Liebniz suspected that these thoughts “pouring out of him” were perhaps coming from somewhere deep inside him, a place he can’t even begin to fully comprehend, like his subconscious, which Eagleman describes as the man behind the curtain, the real writer of our thoughts.

That being said, my thoughts rest on this: if Liebniz claims these thoughts come from deep within his mind, does this imply that everyone already knows everything and it is just a matter of who becomes aware of how to unlock the knowledge first that receives the credit? If someone who doesn’t know calculus suddenly creates it, it begs the questions: Why them? and Where did this knowledge come from? To be able to create something out of nothing is an act of God. That being said, where do we get the knowledge we didn’t even know existed?? Bringing me back to my point: if we create these theories and mathematical theorems out of a “deeper” part of our minds, who’s to say we don’t all have this knowledge already and are just unknowingly waiting for our mind to crack the lock and unleash it? Are we all the inventors of all theories and just do not realize it before someone else gets the idea out on paper and is thus deemed the inventor? And if we all already “know” the things we don’t know, can anyone really lay claim to “inventing” it? And going past that, if we all already know everything without knowing we know it…who’s to say God didn’t create all of the theorems and inventions we lay claim to and decided who would “discover” them first? (assuming we can still discover things at this point with everyone knowing everything).