Listen Closely

I’ve noticed that over the past six months my generation has become even more desperate then before. Teenagers are craving the attention of others and are getting it in the worst way. Everyone’s problems are worse than the next person’s and each one is convinced that they deserve the attention. If someone doesn’t currently have a problem in their life, they create  one so they can receive the pity and sympathy of anyone who will  give it. Everyone is determined to be the needy person, the one who is the worst off. What a selfish  concept! This shouldn’t be a contest! I’ve found people who are mourning over people who are suddenly their “best friends” that died even though, in actuality, when they were alive they didn’t even hang out. Are we so disgraceful and low that we are really using other people’s deaths to get the attention that we feel we deserve? Our generation is broken beyond repair! It’s tiring. It’s nauseating. It’s horrifying and it’s low. We lean on people who can’t even howl their own  lives together, expecting them to fix ours. Such a cycle leaves us constantly falling  which leaves us constantly creating more  problems to get attention which leaves us to be eaten alive by depression that we wrapped ourselves  so willingl in. We are a sick generation piled so high in our own ideas and drowning so deep in our own self-created pity. Our society has taught us that we deserve  the attention and we deserve it now.  The problem with that philosophy is that we DON’t deserve the attention. We don’t deserve our LIVES. God was merciful and died so we could live and this is what we do with our lives? We throw them away. We’ve been provided a lifestyle that only leads us to despair and pitiful self-serving thoughts. You think your life sucks? Tell your story to any person in a 5th world country and you’ll realize in a heartbeat  that we have it good, my friends, but we’re too busy complaining about not getting the new phone we wanted or not getting to hang out with our friends or even not getting the car our parents were going to buyfor  us. Wake up and move away from society before it drags you down any farther. I’m sorry if this offended you and I’m not trying to tick anyone off, I’m simply speaking my mind and I won’t apologize for my thoughts.

Emily Alexandra