Everyone Makes Mistakes

Hello everyone, or no one, who ever read this,

I just got ungrounded! Everyone makes mistakes right? The important thing about times like this isn’t that we messed up or even the consequence we have to pay, it is learning from your mistake and adapting  and readjusting your life so you aren’t put in the same predicament again!

I just want to encourage you all not to dwell on the past because it simply cripples your FUTURE. If we learn from the mistakes, we gain strength. If we don’t let them go, they are simply a hinderance and will do nothing but cause us fear and regret and remorse. Life is too short to waste time on these emotions. You have to be strong and take that bold, terrifying next step into the unknown future with the knowledge you gain from each mistake. THAT’S what keeps us living for God and keeping our hearts on what is truly important.

Love, Emily Alexandra


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